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"Jamie Kerr epitomizes compassion and understanding where it comes to the needs of disabled and elderly, low-income residents, who depend on effective and good management by his staff to maintain a safe, decent, and sanitary abode for the residents to call home, especially long-term: Many of the residents in the complexes Jamie owns or manages have been calling these apartments their homes for many years, some for many decades. In my particular case I faced a dichotomy of challenges in 2013. AMCS assisted me in renovating my bathroom for a walk-in shower stall to replace the bathtub combo, which made it cumbersome to my ability to maintain my hygiene. Later that year, because of severe budget shortfalls due in part to the US Government Sequestration, my local Housing Authority froze all rent increase requests. Jamie and his staff made a special accommodation for this to not affect me and potentially force me to move by keeping my rent the same that year."
—Reynaldo Acosta, June 12, 2015
Reynaldo was Jamie's Client

"Performs all tasks in a most professional manner. A pleasure to work with!"
—Bobby Bunch, January 1, 2014
Bobby was with another company when working with Jamie at AMCS

"Jamie and the entire staff have provided exceptional services in Property Management to my companies and to many of my clients. I continue to recommend AMCS to property owner's associations every chance I get."
—Rick Brownyard, August 7, 2012
Rick was Jamie's Client

"Jamie and his associates at AMCS have provided our Homeowners Association with excellent services in accounting, financial process recommendations and electronic management systems that will give us greater awareness of all our necessary functions in our 118 unit Association. Jamie has been very influential in helping our Association Board understand how electronic systems will enhance our total operation, and his Company will implement for our Association most of these systems in 2010.  Jamie and his Company AMCS are an excellent Company managed in a very professional manner that helps it clients get desired results"
—Toby Bradshaw, October 8, 2009
Toby was Jamie's Client

"Jamie Kerr runs a first rate property management company in AMCS, Inc. His staff is very knowledgeable of all aspects of Property Management and remains up to date on new trends in the industry. If you are looking for a first-rate, trustworthy management company with attention to detail and discipline to manage your asset(s), Jamie Kerr and the AMCS, Inc. management team record is without blemish."
—Charles Pittman, August 13, 2009
Charles was Jamie's Client