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Looking For a New Management Company

Looking for a new management company can be challenging, especially when you are comparing multiple companies. To make your search easier, read our questions below to learn what to ask to your potential, or even current, management company.

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Ask Your Management Company:

• Who signs the checks? Are there two signature checks available?
• Does the Board get to sign the checks and see the invoices monthly?
• What fees will you charge the Homeowners' Association or our homeowners beyond the management fee?
• Do you charge a transfer fee?
• Do you charge for collections?
• Do you charge a percentage of the vendors' fees?
• Who will you hire to do repairs?
• If you are using your own repair company in our community, how do you avoid a conflict of interest?
• Will you do individual rentals or sales in our community?
• What manager will manage our property?
• How many properties do they manage?
• If you have more than one manager overseeing our property, how do we know who is following up?
• How quickly do you get the Board the minutes after a Board meeting?

These are just a couple of questions to start the conversation with the management companies to get "apples to apples" comparisons and prices.